Tragic – Woman found dead by 4-y-o Son

Tuesday, May 26, 2020, 11:30 AM GMT-5

A woman was found dead on Thursday May 21, 2020 by her 4-year-old son.

According to reports Nadine Williamson’s four-year-old son was sent by his grandmother to give her the cell phone because someone wanted to talk to her but he had no idea that her lifeless body was under the sheet.

“No man, mommy dead,” having made efforts to wake her.

He was correct. Police said that Williamson, 30, was a domestic worker who lived in Berry Hill, Irish Town with her two sons – a four- and a seven-year-old.

Nadine was stabbed to death on Thursday. A motive for the killing has not been disclosed and neither have the circumstances of the murder been revealed.

“When me mada come back alive me a guh come back up here,” the four-year-old reportedly told relatives before leaving the yard with his father.

“My mother phone ring and it was one of her friends saying she’s calling Nadine phone and and nah get her. She tell my mother to tell Nadine to answer the phone,” Natalie who is Nadine’s sister told the star.

She resides in a separate unit in the same yard with other family members.

“Mommy send di phone with him fi go give him mada. When him go up there, him a call har and she nah answer. The poor little boy then come out and seh ‘no man, mommy dead man.’ My son run off and go up there go look and then we realise seh Nadine dead. It’s very tragic,” Natalie said.

She says her sister was a ‘go-getter’ who gave her all for her sons.

“Nadine nice, man. Everybody know har. She love her children dem. Nadine is a good girl… She work hard for her kids. She always have a little smile and she nuh mek yuh know weh she a go through. She not even beg people. A Nadine alone with her kids,” Natalie said.

The Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) said that “the Irish Town police have launched an investigation into the circumstances of Williamson’s death but have yet tot indicate whether or not anyone has been arrested and charged for her killing.”

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