Triple Murder In Spanish Town, Execution Style

Friday, July 10, 2020, 2:39 PM GMT-5

A triple murder was reported in St.Johns Road, Spanish Town where three men were shot and killed in a house with several other occupants. The police have reported that neighbours are claiming that the incident took place at approximately 1 am as that is the time they heard the shots being fired.

The deceased have been identified as Rasheed Vassell a customer service representative, Tafa Williams who works for JPS and one man whose identity is still unknown.


The police reports are claiming that 3 men armed with guns stating that they were the police pulled up at the house where the men were dwelling at the time telling them to open the door which they did, whereafter the men entered the house killing the three men execution-style.

The matter is still under investigation by the police however one of the deceased was described by a relative not to be a saint while they tried to establish what might have been the motive for the killing.

The relative stated that Tafa Williams has in the past been noted for stealing goats but actually stopped in recent years. The relative made it clear that the name of Williams was never called in relation to any shooting incident.

The relative further noted that Williams did not deserve to die.

Investigations are still on the way to get more information on the gruesome incident.

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