Tripplegs Is Keeping Faith With His New Song “I Pray”

Dancehall artiste Tripplegs is looking to build up his exposure in the music industry, and since lately has been dedicating time to the promotion of his songs to a wider audience, to share his message of overcoming obstacles and keeping positive.

One track from the artiste, that deserves to be heard though, is his song entitled “I Pray”, which is a hopeful dream of having a promising future whilst having gratitude as a power source for the Journey.

In the track “I Pray” the entertainer starts out the track with a chorus which speaks to him rising every day and giving thanks especially because yesterday was not promised. As such Tripplegs uses the chorus to call out to God for protection and guidelines on his journey, that will carry him a far way and keep him on track.

The deejay then picks up the pace with his message by emphasizing in the first verse that you have to be careful of people nowadays, as they will grudge you for the smallest of things and even your vehicle if you got one. He continues to make the message clear in the first verse of “I Pray” by highlighting that what he is talking about is all a part of the struggles that the process of elevation brings.

The verse smoothly transitions into the chorus which then goes into the second verse, seamlessly. In the second part of the song, Tripplegs speaks about stereotypes and double standard behaviour being a factor that can teach youths how to be stronger regardless of their negative nature. He then goes on to close off the verse by making the point of his message clear that badmind is a terrible disease.

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The song was constructed in a very Industry-common song construction format, with the artiste using the structure; chorus, verse, chorus, and verse to make the song easy to sing through and very palatable to new listeners.

Tripplegs is ready for the world stage too as he has been building on his consistency, since the promotion of his “Overcome” track which alongside “I Pray” was done with official music videos, which puts an extra touch of professionalism on the artiste’s work.

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Watch the music video for “I Pray” below.

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