Tripplegs Shares His Musical “Message” To The People

For 2022 Dancehall artiste Tripplegs is on a roll to make something of his music career as he has been consistently putting out and promoting songs with the first one that he has been pushing hard for the year being “Overcome”, then “I Pray” and now he has decided it is time for people to hear his new track “Message” that has a powerful message that might just be a life-changer for someone struggling in the world.

This track is different from “I Pray” in song construction because unlike the latter mentioned song “Message” is structured in a way that finds the track being started with an introduction verse, which is a common way to write Dancehall songs, to get the track off to a lyrical start as well as a punch which is very well appreciated by radio disc Jockeys who seem to like when songs get kicked off that way, especially in its first 30 seconds.

Tripplegs started the track in the introductory verse by making it clear that every day he has to be giving thanks even though mankind tends to have an evil side which he cannot seem to understand, however, the entertainer explained in the song that where such behaviour is concerned he will be leaving no stone unturned.

The unique thing about “Message” is that the verse is not drawn out, hence giving a concise body containing valuable takeaways that will show any person some of the important things in life.

In the chorus of the song, Tripplegs sings about how much he loves his friends and family and will not wait until they have passed away to make it known that he loves them, even when things are hard and the only thing he can do is to purchase a credit. “Message” shows that the entertainer is a very family-oriented person and it is not the first song that he has outlined the importance of his kin in either.

In the second verse of the song, the deejay sings about the last days and the father’s words coming to the past so as such people need to know who they are confiding in, and who to trust since the enemy can always be closer than you think.

The song closes out with the repeat of the thought enlightening chorus, then goes on with the return of verse 1 which gives a flare to the track to make it a good song from someone we now can officially say is a good artiste due to the level of dedication he has been putting in to make his career work in 2022.

In respect of Tripplegs work, we encourage fans to check out his music as the entertainer brings a consistent message of positivity with his craft that is well needed in this time, especially when crime seems to be so much out of control in Jamaica.

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Listen to “Message” below.

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