UK Issues Warning to Citizens Against Traveling to Jamaica

Saturday, May 8, 2021, 9:21 AM GMT-5

 A few days after Jamaica lifted the travel ban it had placed on the United Kingdom due to the high number of coronavirus cases they had, Britain’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office advised the nationals against travelling to the country, due to the way the number of cases are rising on the island.

The FCDO warned against all but necessary travel to every part of Jamaica based on the data they got after the current assessment of COVID-19 risks, this information was written in its most recent travel advisory on Thursday.

Earlier Jamaica instituted a ban on UK flights as a part of the measures used under the Disaster Risk Management Act.

However, Jamaica reopened its borders to international travellers from the United Kingdom on Saturday, May 1. This will cause the important gateways at the Heathrow and Gatwick airports to have transit for the travellers who were passing through when they were fully compliant with the safety and health protocols which are required for international travel. The Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett made this report.

The ban had caused direct travel between Jamaica and the UK to end and it was used as part of the island’s efforts to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus.

Other countries around the world have been forced to institute similar travel bans as a part of their COVID-19 management measures also.

The British office reminded citizens, in its travel advisory that it is illegal to travel abroad from the UK for holidays, and added that only essential travel could be allowed and people can only travel from the UK if they have reasonable excuses.

The current condition applies to both UK and non-UK passport holders who currently reside in England. Even though in 2019 the office noted that more than 225,000 British citizens visited Jamaica, and the majority of the visits were trouble-free.

Now Jamaica’s health authorities reported that three people died on Thursday and there were 90 new cases of the virus confirmed after testing.

The latest figures caused the country’s pandemic totals to rise to 801 deaths and 46,428 cases confirmed.

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