UK Man Left His Wife 2 Years After She Was Jailed for Sleeping with A 15-Year-Old Student

Former teacher Kandice Barber, 37, was found guilty of having sexual relations with an underage student in a field after grooming him with sexual messages to lure him to the area. The judge presiding over the case labelled her beyond despicable.

Despite the serious crimes, she was strongly supported by her husband, Daniel Barber, 4o.


She had been married to Daniel for five years and is the mother of three boys. Throughout the trial, he has supported the woman he calls Kan and has been called her ‘rock’ throughout the process.


In a dramatic turn of events, Daniel has now decided to call it quits on the scandalous saga. The UK man said he now has a change of heart about his disgraced now ex-wife following a peculiar experience he had after visiting Kandice in jail.

“Until you’re in that position, when it’s your wife or your husband, and you’re living that life, you don’t know what you’re going to do,” Daniel said in an interview with the Daily Mail. Daniel continued by expressing the heartache he suffered during the whole saga and how it demoralized him as a man.

“I’m a man, it’s bad enough to be told your wife has slept with someone else but for it to be a child, it deflates you completely; you look at yourself and think, ‘What have I done wrong,“ Daniel explained.

It seems Daniel Barber is still unable to comprehend the fact that his 37-year-old wife engaged in sexual activities with the underage student.

One minute he was expressing, she had such a beautiful aura, she was so kind, if you met her, there would be no doubt in your mind, the next, he was trying to make sense of what was going on, ‘Was I being stupid?’ he asks.


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