Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 1:51 PM GMT-5

Tragedy erupted in St. Mary as dancehall artiste, Glamma Don who is a native of the parish was stabbed to death as a result of a dispute.

The incident transpired in the town of Tremolesworth on Monday this week.


Details regarding what took place are at the time a bit unclear but reports have been made that about 1pm the artist who goes by the real name Henry Wynter, resident of Highgate, St. Mary and another man who he had been in a feud with for a while was caught up in a dispute which led to knives being drawn by both men.

The artist Glamma Don was thereafter later stabbed after which he was rushed to the hospital and died while being assisted.

See Glamma Don Below.

The details regarding the other man involved are not certain as there are no reports of police arresting him or him being injured as a result of the dispute.

The artist, Glamma Don was known for the singles ‘Think smart’, ‘My life’, Don’t rush and the most recent song released by him ‘Traitor’. The incident is said to occur while the artiste was on his way to record a song in Highgate.

The rural town of Highgate in St.Mary is currently mourning the shocking death of the artist alongside those close to him on the various social media platforms.

Member of the recording studio in Mind Power records in Highgate, Kezroy Rammalow Parkes made a post on Facebook after receiving news of the incident that Glamma Don had just told him that he was going to the studio to record a song.

He further mentioned that it was just last week the artist had gone to the studio and recorded the song by the name ‘Traitor’ and informed him the morning of the incident he was going to do another song.

He told his social media fans that it was approximately 12:30 that the artist messaged him that he was on his way to the studio and the next thing he heard was of the death which placed him in a state of disbelief.

Further expressing his grief he posted “Mi can’t… believe this all now… Mi head mash up. Mi nuh know how to react, mi just no know yah man. RIP MI G, Glamma Don. ME DEH YAH A WAIT PAN YOU IN THE STUDIO ALL NOW AND CAN’T SEE U!”.

Other people who knew the artist also expressed their disbelief by making posts on social media about their respect for his music and the positive interactions of encouragement they had with him. The news of the incident has also shocked Glamma Don’s loved ones.

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