UPDATE: Footage of Kaylan Dowdie In Hospital – Video

Friday, August 13, 2021, 9:53 AM GMT-5

In recent days, several updates with regards to Kaylan have been posted online. Today we are blessed with a video of the teen in the hospital, something that was not made public before. Earlier a picture was leaked but not a video clip of Dowdie. In the video we see Kaylan dressed in a black and white plad hospital robe, she has on white and black slippers and her hair colour is red, seemingly done recently.

Her eyes were open, she attempted to talk in one instance and she moved her left foot throughout the video clip as her mother talked to her and called onto god multiple times, “Just put God first and everything else will fall in place,” the mother said.


The mother of Kaylan Dowdie, Veneshia Buckley has expressed her remorse in a recent live chat over a situation that has seen her daughter getting worse than before at the UHWI where she has been placed since November of last year, she detailed that the hospital does not have the necessary equipment to continue treating her at this time.

According to her, Dowdie will need a Step-Down facility to continue attending to her medical needs. This type of facility is regulated by nurses, with Doctors sometimes passing through to help. The special type of nursing facility, according to Veneshia, does not exist in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, or the Cayman Islands and so they will need to take Kaylan to a different location outside of the region.

Because of the adverse conditions relating to Dowdie being treated, her mother has claimed that she has moved from a state of one percent chance of living to that where she was almost ready to go home, however, since then she has said to have relapsed and has now developed a swollen liver, blood infection and signs of deteriorating vitality.

To tackle the critical condition that the injured teen is facing, medication given to her has to be under constant regulation, with the increasing and decreasing of the amounts to try and stabilize her.

Veneshia stated clearly in the Instagram live where she addressed the situation that she just hopes a medical institution accepts her daughter, as she is not seeking monetary handouts to take care of things. Buckley who also broke down in her Instagram live stated that Hospitals in the States have made themselves readily available to accept her daughter however, such a move will attract insurance.

She also said that the doctors have been giving her daughter drugs such as Morphine and Ventolin to help with the situation, however, that only makes her body turn black and that makes her think something is not right about it.

Even though conditions are not looking the best at this time, Buckley is remaining optimistic about the issue because her daughter surpassed all odds so far that have risen against her.

See the only released video of Kaylan in the Hospital below.

Also, check out Buckley’s most recent live done two days ago.

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