UPDATE: Goat thief Dies after being Chopped Badly in St. Thomas

As reported earlier, two men were receiving treatment at a hospital in St. Thomas after the men along with another were spotted with 13 goats in a white Nissan AD Wagon motor car.

As seen in a video clip posted online, one of the thieves was captured by the angry residents while two others managed to escape, one of the escaped men later turned up at the hospital for treatment from chops he received, it was earlier reported that the 2nd man was in police custody at the hospital.


It’s now reported that one of the two men that was receiving treatment as since passed away from his injuries.

Up until news time, it’s still unclear what’s the condition of the third man who was spotted along with the captured two.

“A lucky him lucky still” states a woman to the police after they handed over the driver dressed in a blue shirt to the police.

Last Sunday the police also arrested a woman who had several goats in her car, this arrest was also made in St. Thomas as the parish is currently plagued by numeroous goat thieves.


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