Update On Tommy Lee Sparta’s Case

July 14, 2020 12:39 PM

Gothic Dancehall artist Tommy Lee Sparta has definitely got caught on the wrong side of the law since recently he had been arrested by the police and still remains in custody.

The police superintendent has noted that Tommy Lee is being held as a person of interest for questioning that may lead to information the police think is necessary to move forward.


The police stated however that the known Deejay was to give answers that might provide insight into the erupted violence in Flankers, Montego Bay.

The Deejay who is properly known as Leroy Russell has so far undergone one session of questioning and is still awaiting future sessions, Earnest Smith the Attorney at Law representing the artist said.

Smith also spoke about the importance of every day in relation to a man’s life while explaining the point of unlawful detention.

The artist himself was very distraught to the extent of crying about the situation as well as previously Smith made it clear the realness of the frustration the Deejay is undergoing as it has been years since he moved out of Montego Bay and now his name is being called for something he is not involved with. 

Tommy Lee who is a previous member of the Gaza Camp has previously seen success, as well as arrest over the years, he has made some of the most innovative and creative videos in the Jamaican music space for hit songs well known to the people while he has been detained previously for Lottery scamming and shootings in the years 2014, 2015 and 2017. 

Regardless of the many downfalls, the Deejay has faced, he always seems to get back on his feet. The Dancehall fans definitely love his resilience.


Since 2020 Tommy Lee has released songs such as “Rich Badness”, “Under Vybz”, and recently “Tattoo”.


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