Usain Bolt explains why we should not “Badmind People”

Sunday, October 25, 2020, 11:16 AM

Jamaican Sprint legend Usain Bolt was recently shooting a video in 10 degrees, dressed in a vest and shorts at “about 1:30” in the morning somewhere across the world.

In the short video clip Bolt explains that he was “hot” and also went as far as to show the Quarry he was in doing the shoot. “People stop bad mind people fi weh dem have” states Usain, urging everyone to work hard for what they want and to not bad mind people for what they have because we don’t know how hard that person had to work to reach their goals.


He continued, “youths just work hard and duh unuh thing… live unuh life” Bolt says before reminding us to “Stop badmind people”.

“Watch yah look weh mi a shoot people,” he says while showing us the rocky environment he was working in.

Vybz Kartel and several other persons have since reshared Bolt’s message on their social media platform.

See some of the positive comments from Usain’s fans below.

Usain Bolt earlier tested positive for COVID-19 which was a surprise to him, however, the golden Olympian has since recovered and his out and about as usual again.

On a more positive note, Bolt also recently posted himself and his daughter “OLYMPIA LIGHTNING BOLT” bonding.

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