Usain Bolt Stars in Comical Epson Ink Advertisement

Wednesday, November 1, 2023, 8:12 AM

Having endured his fair share of misfortunes, retired sprinter, the unstoppable Usian St. Leo Bolt, has moved forward to dabble in many other endeavours such as football, music, and even acting as he puts forward a short commercial involving advertising for an ink company.



The name of the brand that the ad is promoting is Epson ReadyPrint where you create a subscription account to ensure you never have to endure the scare of being out of printer ink again.

In line with a spooky season theme (Halloween), the video was posted to his Instagram account with the caption, “Watch this terrifying tale of a young student who is out of ink and out of options. If only she’d signed up to ReadyPrint, our ink subscription service, and had ink delivered to her door before she ran out.”

The video shows Bolt sitting in a chair reading the story of a student who ran out of ink to print her assignment, and him snapping the book closed when he became too scared to read on.

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The ad is effective as Bolt is seen utilizing a variety of funny facial expressions which keeps the audience engaged throughout the story and makes them want to continue watching.

Watch the video below:


In the comment section, one viewer stated, “😂😂I was so caught up… twas like a mini series… the facial expressions…😂love it… 😍😍,” while another person wrote, “Actually had my attention 😂😂.”

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