Valiant Acts Insane in “Protect Me” Music Video

Friday, February 24, 2023, 9:00 PM

Valiant has taken over the airwaves over the past few months, and with his new track “Protect Me,” he is seemingly asking a gun to keep him safe. According to the sources, the artiste, formally known as Raheem Bowes, discovered his niche in music when he was five years old and began writing songs at the age of seven.

When a friend captured a video of him at a party saying “kotch eh hat a lie,” the artiste became a social media sensation. He has since released a number of hits, which include; “Dunce Cheque,” “Siance,” and a collaboration with dancehall singer Stalk Ashley by the name of “Narcissistic.”


Valiant is heard expressing his sorrows on the new track as he shares the heartfelt words, “Protect me from people I love who don’t love me…” with his tightly clutched firearm.

The lyrics of the song appear to depict him going through many heartbreaks and betrayals by both lovers and people he thought were his friends. He is also heard expressing his paranoia by saying, “I only feel safe when my gun is around me,” conveying that he does not trust the people who share his space.

The music video seems to have been shot in an unfinished building, Valiant is the only person inside the building with lit candles as he makes his wishes known to the firearm. It is also unclear if it was done in Jamaica or abroad.

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Fans of “Diplomat” can be seen expressing their love for the song and the artiste as they take to the comment section of the YouTube post. The people express that the “kotch eh hat” artiste never disappoints them each time he releases new songs and that, while he is on top of his game at this time in his career, he is an inspiration.

Watch the video of Valant’s new song “Protect Me” below:

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