Valiant Put on Blast by Upcoming Female Artiste ‘Summa’ who also Leaks His Voicenote – Watch Interview

A new female artiste on the dancehall scene, who goes by the name Summa has accused dancehall sensation Valiant of not fully meeting his contractual arrangement between the two entertainers.

Summa claims the Siance artiste is ducking her over a promised music video.

Summa went on the controversial podcast Tea Time with Shelly-Ann Curran to voice her concerns regarding Valiant not fulfilling his contractual duties. Summa claims she paid $500,000 for a collaboration and a video from Valiant, but she only has gotten the audio side of the collab and no video.

“We are calling, we are messaging, and we nah get no answer, this yah person a tell we say him busy a do other collab wid other people, him inna the studio a do this we see him put out collab wid other people big artiste Vybz Kartel and other things.”

She continued, “so him working yuh understand, me understand seh him a tour him a travel everything, but he is working, but him nah tek no call from me.”

Summa also outlined that she and her team visited Romeich’s business place but he was said to be off the island, they gave all the details and documents to Romeich’s team, however, they are yet to get a response, “Like a big styling thing yuh understand, bay guh round,” she outlined.

The upcoming female artiste also presented the alleged contract between her and Valiant. But Summa did not stop there as she submitted an alleged voice note with Valiant asking for the money for the collab. The person in the voice note stated, “Me inna town enuh, which part me caa meet you and collect the food?”

Watch what seems to be the recording of the collab below:

Summa also claims that as the song was finished recorded, Valiant sent the alleged voice note. Summa said her arrangement was between Valiant’s previous management and not with his new management team, who demanded that she send the contract details to them but still hasn’t got her video.

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In closing, Summa pleads to Valiant for the music video by stating, “We come to an agreement honour you agreement you sign to it so you honour it you get weh me a seh, it’s binding cause it’s a contract we never did a deal wid Romiech that’s all am saying whether you and Romiech are in business now we never did start right there so, so just honour the contract and move on.”

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See the full interview below:

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