Valiant Implies that Veterans are Bashing “New Generation” Because they are “Hungry” – LISTEN

Amidst the online feud between Tony Matterhorn and Kraff, audio of fellow dancehaller Valiant giving his opinion on those who are making a lot of “noise”, bashing the younger generation has surfaced.

The audio was taken from Valiant’s live chat and is now seemingly adding more fuel to the fire with regard to the tension and divide between the younger generation and the older generation in dancehall.

In the audio, Valiant aka Fada Dipo, despite not calling any name was clearly upset with the nay-sayers, highlighting that the younger generation of artistes are travelling on a regular which seemingly is a reference to himself and others like Skeng etc.


Valiant stated, “Biggup everybody weh a support the new new new generation yuh zimi and we a dweet and di wul a wi a touch e plane suh yuh know a dweet wi a dweet suh bigup everybody.”

He went on to outline that he’s fully focused on his goals and that his fans should not watch the noise because “who a mek noise hungry”, he also expressed that the people who are making “noise” should not stick around for crumbs, “nuh crumbs nuh deh yah suh, nuh crumbs nuh deh pan di Diplomats and nuh crumbs nuh deh pan the new generation.”

Listen below:


A day ago Kraff also lashed out at people bashing the younger artistes, notably, Tony Matterhorn, even though Kraff did not call Matterhorn’s name. Kraff was highlighting what seems to be a shadowy aspect of the industry – the exploitation and mistreatment of emerging talents by older artistes and selectors.

Tony Matterhorn also hit back at Kraff, hours later, after Kraff’s “suck yuh mada” statement on live while addressing the matter. As stated by Matterhorn, if Kraff tells him about his mother directly, he will teach the young artiste a listen in badness.

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