Vanessa Bling Called To Appear in Vybz Kartel’s Appeal

Wednesday, July 18, 2018, 2:31 PM GMT-5

[Sharingbuttons]The Adijah Palmer aka Vybz Kartel case has taken a new turn, as Vennessa Bling’s previous involvement is being reintroduced by the judge. Vannessa Bling who is also known as Gaza Slim had given evidence hat she was robbed by Clive “Lizard Campbell some days after they had reported that he was dead.

This report was made to the police by Vanessa in 2011, but now The lawyer who is representing Shawn “storm” Campbell is saying she was brought back into the case through a little crevice.

Earlier in the trial Both Vanessa Saddler aka Vanessa Bling and Vybz Kartel had been accused of falsifying evidence that is connected to the death of Clive Williams who was murdered in a house owned by Kartel in the Havendale area in Kingston. She and Kartel was charged after she had given the statement, but they were set free later in the Resident Magistrate Court as the charges were dropped in 2014 because of an appeal.

Currently, lawyers who are representing the accused men are saying the evidence that is being used to convict the men have been too tainted and doing a retrial with that evidence is not a good idea, so it is time for the case to be dismissed. However, these lawyers have not said anything about the Havendale house and the evidence that was or was not found there. They are talking more about the fact that the body has not been found and the text messages about Clive Williams’ body being cut up fine, fine being written many days before the time when the police say that the deceased man was killed.

The appeal is heating up as the days go by and Jamaicans are hoping that the murder case will be properly handled and justice will be served as a person has been missing for many years.

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