Vanessa Bling New Music and Career update

Monday, June 8, 2020, 6:33 PM GMT-5

Artistes in Jamaica have been singing and promoting the matie culture but Vanessa Bling is busy promoting her wifey role new song “Tek Who” about the women who are coming after her man. She says she is sticking to her man and no one else will get him. She is pushing back in a brand new track.

“Gyal a weh yu feel like gwaan yu ways and find yu owna man”. A line from the song

Venessa has been putting out many singles as she keeps on working even though the Covid-19 pandemic has caused the music business to slow down a lot. She is representing her true conviction and singing about her one man.

She continues to represent the strong ladies and her song is loved by both men and women and it is well supported.

A number of singles were produced by Vanessa  recently as she says she is working hard like the Jamaican Prime Minister. She is working on an album and she has new management but she is keeping the same producers.

As soon as there is more freedom to travel she will be going to LA and other places for writing sessions. She is grateful and a lot has been going on for her.

She wants Jamaicans to stop killing each other and she is tired of hearing about the rape of the children and the men who are guilty are getting away with these crimes. She supports peaceful protesters.

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