Video Shows Uncooked Rice Melting in Woman’s Hand

November 21, 2023

A Jamaican woman is left stunned after realizing that the rice she was about to prepare suddenly started to melt in her hand.

In a video circulating, the voice of a woman clearly in disbelief is heard questioning if what she is witnessing is real. A pot of uncooked white rice is shown with her rubbing a handful of it as it begins to soften and turns into tiny pieces. While doing so, it also emulated the sound of plastic rubbing together.



“Me wash the rice and it feel funny ina me hand and me wash the rice and it start melt ina me hand,” the woman says.

The video transitioned further to show another pot of rice in its natural form; dry and uncooked, however, as soon as it gets wet, the form changes to resemble that of chalk.

See the video below:


Since the video’s release, people have expressed concerns about the quality of food products being sold to consumers, while others are blaming the government and asking if the rice was bought from a “Chiney”.


Some of the reactions to the video is shown below:


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