Vybz Kartel Allegedly “Box” MC Nuffy at Event in Portmore – Watch Interview

Although Mc Nuffy is now rooting for Vybz Kartel, the two reportedly had bad blood years ago. The animosity that kept them divided for years was due to MC Nuffy being slapped in the face by Vybz Kartel, according to Ghandi.

The dancehall/reggae artiste claimed he witnessed the incident unfold at an event in Portmore. He explained this as he expressed his shock to see MC Nuffy defending Vybz Kartel in recent times.

“Mi inna one corna and mi a bill wid mi liquor and mi see when him actually walk go ova fi go link di deejay…wid di bag a man deh round di deejay. So mi see rumblings…but mi cyah see good caz mi short. But mi see when di deejay pull him in…So when him fawod him a say, ‘Yow, yuh nuh know seh di deejay diss mi..’ mi seh ‘diss yuh or him box yuh,” Ghandi explained.

According to Ghandi, his crew was outnumbered by Kartel’s entourage, so there was nothing they could have done. He said the news of the slap circulated the following day, reaching the ears of a gangster who met with them to find out how they wanted to retaliate, but Mc Nuffy said he wanted to “let it slide.”

While sending his respects to the Gaza nation, Ghandi expressed that he would never befriend an enemy who slapped him, indicating that was what Mc Nuffy did years later. “Nuh bwoy cyah box mi and mi friend him enuh… Am not the baddest man in the world, but mi can defend myself.”

Watch the interview with Ghandi below:

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