Vybz Kartel Says “A grave injustice was done to me and my co accused” in Lengthy Statement

The appeal is over, and after a favourable outcome, Vybz Kartel has a lot to say about his over-a-decade-long legal battle with the ‘system’. A lengthy statement by the 48-year-old following the appeal was made public by Lisa Evers of Fox-5.

Lisa took to social media on Thursday evening and wrote, “VYBZ KARTEL @vybzkartel OFFICIAL STATEMENT ON MURDER CONVICTION BEING SQUASHED #fox5ny @fox5ny.”

Seemingly answering a question about his feelings after the ruling, Kartel wrote, “I feel victorious in this very moment as the Pricy council In their infinite wisdom, understood the assignment and quashing my conviction!. I am now back to being an innocent man in the eyes of the law.”

He continued, “A grave injustice was done to me and my co accused in the original trial and subsequently isat Buchanan, John Clarke, David hislop, Hugh southey , Julian malins and allesandra Labeach pleaded my cause and my cries were heard in the land’s highest court.”

Another part of his statement touched on his confidence in Jamaica’s appeal court in releasing himself and his co-accused from imprisonment as shown below:

Vybz Kartel went on to point out key issues in his case:

He concluded the lengthy statement by outlining that he’s “an innocent man” and that he’s looking forward to “go home” to his family.

The decision to overturn the murder verdict marks a watershed moment in Jamaica‘s legal history, highlighting the importance of skilled legal representation and the pursuit of justice.

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