Vybz Kartel Supports Afrobeats Being On Billboard

The Dancehall Gaza King, Vybz Kartel has posted a few words to his Instagram Story supporting Afrobeats and the recognition the genre has finally received being on the Billboard US charts.

The topic has been a debate for some time by both artistes and listeners especially since Billboard cancelled the weekly Reggae Digital Song Sales chart that ranked the top-downloaded Reggae and Dancehall songs in the US.

Persons both locally and overseas have stated that the new music being produced in Jamaica was not the authentic dancehall anymore.

With the Billboard displaying the US Afrobeats Songs chart, which ranks the 50 most popular Afrobeats songs in the United States, people have also stated that Afrobeats was slowly replacing dancehall. This belief is also supported by Europeans who have seemingly indicated that they are not impressed with the change in dancehall music, but Afrobeats is just so nice and sweet, according to the Europeans.

On Vybz Kartel’s Instagram page, he explained that Afrobeats deserved to be on the charts as he told his 1.8 Million fans that at the core of all musical genres there lies Africa.

“Over 1.2 billion black people de a AFRICA, that’s 4 time the entire usa population so yes give dem a place pon di chart. Plus Africa created all genres, (in case you boasty slaves forget-we are also african) big up afrobeats. Dancehall CYAA stall 1blackpeople,” he wrote.

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