Vybz Kartel Trending On Twitter For The Wrong Reasons

The “Worl Boss” Vybz Kartel is currently trending on Twitter but not for the right reasons as it seems that the users of the Social Media platform chose Tuesday as a special day to comically attack the entertainer and his time in the Dancehall space even though some persons still defended him to the fullest extent.

The person who started the trend was someone who goes by the handle @_Moyabads who made a tweet on the platform stating “We’re cancelling each other over Vybz Kartel takes today. Post your Cancellable Kartel take”.

On that command, Twitter users did not hesitate to launch their bombs about the deejay and one user with the handle @justinswvnk was one of the first to get the ball rolling when he retweeted what @_Moyabads said with a comment stating “Infrared wouldn’t be as big without Masicka, at the same time it wouldn’t be as big without Vybz Kartel. Interdependence. The perfect song” which was actually one of the better things that were said about him.

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As for the real concern of highlighting a cancellation from the deejay on the social media platform, Dancehall music lovers really went at him, making good use of the trending moment that presented them with an opportunity to launch an internet attack on the deejay. Someone who goes by the username @brogad was quick to retweet the post with the caption “Kartel sure did sing a lot about high school girls for a grown man”. That retweet of the main topic was reposted by 112 persons and liked by 329 showing that there was much agreement on what the specific user said about the deejay.

Another user who goes by the Twitter name @Devadaggerus stated a retweet of the post about the entertainer’s cancellable take that, “Kartel is so influential that he ruined modern dancehall. Everyone wants to be the next Kartel so badly that a bere badness and sex songs but not with the same depth and lyrical content. We also need the Next Elephant Man and the next Sean Paul. Need some diversity and vibes!”

Someone else who goes by the handle @champagneyawdii was quick to make it known that the deejay did not have any intentions of building the careers of the artistes he signed to his Gaza camp, only to use and dispose of them.

Other persons took the opportunity to make it clear that it was the “Worl Boss’s” own carelessness that got him in the situation that he is now in today while others regardless of knowing that the motion on Twitter was to highlight a cancellable takeaway about the entertainer, could not find any bad thing to say about him and so took the time out to shine a light on the deejay’s contributions to the Dancehall music.

One of those loyal Gaza fans to support the deejay was a user on the platform who goes by the handle @Athenamarley who made it clear that Kartel is and always will be the best Dancehall artiste to ever walk the earth.

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