“Vybz Kartel Will Have His Day In Court!” His Attorneys Confirms That the Privy Council Is Still A Go

Previous press reports that Vybz Kartel and his co-accused’s appeal was rejected by the privy council, according to Lisa Evers, a Fox 5 news reporter, were misleading and needed to be clarified because the dancehall DJ will have another chance at freedom in the privy council’s court.

Buchanan, the leader of Vybz Kartel’s defence team, attempted to lucidly convey that the reason for this misunderstanding was because there were two applications that were components of a ten-volume case that was dismissed by the court and will not be a part of the formal appeal requested.


He indicated that the appeal would move forward on the central issues of the case, which would be the fact that Vybz Kartel’s, a.k.a. Adidjah Palmer’s, constitutional rights were violated in the previous trial.

Buchanan went further to indicate that he had exactly forty-two days to complete a new application that would not include these two parts and submit the request to the privy council to ensure that they were successful in having a hearing for the main issues of the first trial in 2011, in which the rights of the accused men were breached.

He assured the reporter that “Vybz Kartel will have his day in court,” as he spoke with confidence and optimism.

Lisa Evers reiterated that she was firmly told that the songwriter would be in court amid the presence of the members of the privy council so his complaints could be heard, proper justice could be served for his client, and his client and his codefendants could be freed.

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The DPP of Jamaica, Paula Llewellyn, also confirmed on Tuesday that the appeal is still on the table and that anyone following the case had nothing to worry about.

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