WAR ZONE: Armed Russian Soldiers Intercepted and Killed by Ukrainian Forces – Watch Video

A video surfaced showing several Russian soldiers looking to escape gunfire in Ukraine. In the footage, Ukrainians can be seen vigilantly keeping an eye on the Russian forces via a drone. The Russians were attacked in close proximity to a number of destroyed infrastructures.

Viewing from remote camera equipment, the Ukrainians appeared to be in an abandoned warehouse when they began the daring attack. Although the Ukrainian artillery’s exact details are unknown, it seemed to be a long-range weapon.


Following the ambush, the Russian soldiers offered little resistance to the Ukrainian forces as they did not seem to know where the attack was being carried out from.

The video shows what appear to be Russian soldiers who have been injured by gunfire collapsing. The gunfire, at one point, ceased where the Russians had been attacked but not shortly after an explosion was seen.

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Since February 2014, there has been a conflict between Russia and Ukraine (along with Russian rebels in Ukraine), and on February 24, 2022, President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, fueling the ongoing dispute between the two countries.

Watch the incident below:

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