WATCH: Casket Turns Over at Jamaican Funeral Gravesite Causing Body to Fall to the Ground

Funeral goers were left disgruntled and bemused in a now circulating video after the casket bearing the dead they were laying to rest was dropped at the gravesite as the deceased/casket was being lowered into the ground.

Video footage of the disastrous incident was captured by someone who was filming the casket’s descent and shows the all white casket being lowered via the use of two lengths of rope. However, as the casket passed the opening of the hole in the ground, it tipped to one side, upending the dead man into the prepared hole, with the cover of the casket breaking off from the impact.


Shouts of disbelief and shock can be heard as a result of the incident, people could be heard exclaiming, “…wow, this is a sign,” “how dem fi leggo eh ting man,” and “lawd jesus” in the background.

It was revealed by people talking out loud that the rope did not break but was let go by whomever was holding onto it resulting in the casket falling and breaking. A rasta man was then seen entering the hole to try and rectify the situation.

However, it was soon realized that he needed help to get the dead man back into the casket, someone said, “yuh alone cyah dweet ennuh, hold on.” One of the funeralgoers next stated that they thought the incident was a big disrespect while another pointed out that it was only an accident. It’s unclear when and where in Jamaica the incident took place.

Watch the video below:

The video clip was uploaded to Instagram where commenters watched and stated their opinions on what they would have done if this ever happened when they are in attendance at a funeral.

Al_liah said, “Woulda just cover up e hole same way ennuh,” and tiptopja revealed, “The clothes me wear to that wouldnt reach me yard.”

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