WATCH: Female Student Stabs Another – 3 Different Fights At Petersfield High School

March 30, 2022

Petersfield High School was the battleground of several fights Wednesday morning, one of which a female student was stabbed.

At the high school, which is located in Westmoreland, there were reportedly three fights that broke out, and one female student had to seek medical treatment at the hospital for stab wounds and was then later released from the hospital.


Video footage has surfaced showing the bloody brawl between the girls. In the video, along with a member of the administration staff, there were also the security guard and students trying to end the fight, but the female student with the knife still repeatedly stabbed the other student.

Reportedly, during the first altercation that took place around the first session of school, one female student in 10th grade allegedly took a knife that she was hiding in her underwear and stabbed another female student also in 10th grade.

The second fight broke out around 10:30 a.m, and the remaining students were released from their lessons and sent home as the altercation was diffused.

Later, a third fight took place just outside of the school grounds, and it was also diffused with the help of teachers and other students.

Subsequently, Petersfield High School called the parents of the four students who were involved in the fights and the police for an urgent meeting after school dismissed.

Watch fight with female students below.


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