WATCH: Gage “SSL” Music Video

Saturday, January 21, 2023, 6:15 PM GMT-5

In light of the recent public disaster involving Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL). Another big name has taken to the internet to inquire about the whereabouts of the funds belonging to the investors.

Gage, the popular dancehall artiste, released a soundtrack today that received over 12,000 views on YouTube in the first hour of its release.


The video depicts the arrest and interrogation of a man who is thought to represent the company SSL, while Gage is asking, “Weh di money deh?” The video also shows a large crowd sharing the artiste’s sentiments as scores of Jamaicans rally to get back their fellow citizens’ hard-earned money.

Gage, in his lyrics, described the company as a Ponzi scheme and, in an attempt to make his point, said that the culprits were more than greedy. Based on his insinuations, Gage is simply expressing that, along with the Jamaican populous, he does not trust the financial institutions of the country.

Gage also made reference to scammers by saying that they were only imitating white-collar crimes that have been portrayed by the rich over the years.

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Watch the music video below that is currently going viral.

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