WATCH: School Bus Filled With Children Hit By Ford Mustang Speeding Over 100MPH

From time to time the Inside Edition’s Youtube channel posts some very shocking footage and this Tuesday was no different as a video surfaced on their platform showing a White Ford Mustang running into a middle school bus.

The camera that was inside the bus showed the students laughing, and talking then out of nowhere the car appears and runs into the side of the student vehicle, launching the passengers and seats in the air to all fall to the ground in a rumble.


Based on reports the Inside Edition received from the Albuquerque Public school, there were 23 students on their way home during the crash which led to seven of the children along with the bus driver having to go to the hospital for their injuries. Two students also had to undergo surgery, one for a pelvic fracture and the other for their leg.

According to the Albuquerque Police, the White Mustang was involved in a race with another car and going over 100 MPH. The driver of the car was said to be charged afterwards with two counts of great bodily harm which is a third-degree felony.

Watch the speeding car crashing into the school bus filled with children below.

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