WATCH: Spice Releases New African-Caribbean-Themed “Jealous” Music Video

After giving her fans a taste of her new upcoming single a few days ago, many were expecting a new hit from Dancehall Queen Spice and according to fans, she never disappoints.

The song and video are offset by the entertainer’s relationship with her African roots, which she has been implementing more in her music since the beginning of her “new life”.

A BlingBlang-directed video, Jealous was released a few hours ago on Youtube and has already garnered over five thousand views and more than two thousand likes.

Jealous is a song that seems to represent those who resent the singer for her success and fame and instead of being happy for how far she has come, plot against her to covet what she has.

The singer is seen making use of her unique sense of fashion by mixing African elements in her state of dress with the leopard print dress and headwear, she also conveyed a Caribbean vibe with jerk pan on set, mesh-marina and more.

In the video, Spice is seen walking out onto a basketball court, passing people who are whispering about her but she holds her head high. Throughout the video, the jealous watchers follow her every move and continue to badmouth her.

Some lyrics of the song include, “Jealous because I’m killing dem, oh yes I am killing dem…la la la la, I don’t have nuh problem wid nobody no drama, only happiness a full stop and no comma.”

Watch the video below:

Many of the comments on the song praise Spice for never disappointing her fans and for being a visionary. Someone even said, “Creativity on point 🎉. The outfits she’s rocking 🔥, the theme. Lioness 🦁 I always look forward to her music videos 💯 Spice.”

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