WATCH: Woman’s Kidnapping Captured on Doorbell Camera in the U.S

The harrowing scene of a woman screaming for help on a stranger’s doorstep was caught on camera as she was dragged away by a male assailant.

The short black and white footage shows a terrified woman frantically looking over her shoulder as she rang a doorbell. As she looked away from the direction of the road toward the house, a man is seen sprinting into view and scooping her up into his arms.


They struggled back and forth for a small moment, with the woman begging, “Please help me, please help me!” However, no one seemed to be home and the woman was successfully dragged away as she cried.

Womans Kidnapping Captured on Doorbell Camera i

Soon after, a car door was heard being slammed and then headlights were seen moving away from the scene of the kidnapping. Text written at the beginning of the footage suggests that the incident took place in Hillsboro, Oregon, United States.

It was alleged however that the woman, unidentified, was located and rescued since the video was taken.

Watch the video below:

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