WATCH: Jeff Fullyauto Shoots Music Video With Woman Sucking His Toe?

Dancehall entertainers are known for starting controversies, and it seems that another controversy has sparked following behind-the-scenes footage of Jeff Fullyauto shooting a music video.

The Dancehall deejay shared a glimpse of his raunchy music video on Sunday, which features a taboo sexual activity. The scene captured in the video shows Jeff Fullyauto lounging on a bed in a white ripped marina and black pants while his feet are hanging off.


A woman can be seen kneeling on the floor at his feet with her back turned to the camera as her head moves about as if she is sucking his toe. She is wearing a short mesh dress that reveals a thong underneath.

Jeff Fullyauto 1

The entertainer gestures to her to slow down and lip-syncs, “Fuss a catty eva suck mi toe raw. Hey wull on, wull on, wull on, yuh a suck it too hard. A weh di f**k dah gyal yah come from caz she too raw. Hey, wull up, wull up, wull up, give me more now.

Watch the video of Jeff Fullyauto BTS clip below:

The video has been garnering negative responses from viewers. One viewer said, “Hope she’s not sucking that toe fr 😕🤦🏾‍♀️.”

Another viewer said, “Money wee really mek ppl do things…smh🤦.”

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