Father Flogs Daughter with Belt after Seeing Her Twerking for Camera in Two-piece – Video

This footage is making rounds online, it shows a father in the middle of flogging his daughter who was on video twerking with little clothes on.

It would appear that the young lady was at a pool party when she decided to indulge in the raunchy behaviour and unfortunately for her, the footage of her deeds made its way back to her strict father.


As seen in the video, the daughter dancing was shared on someone’s stories/status and seemingly that’s how the father saw it. It’s unclear when and where the video was captured.

While she only danced for a few seconds in the video, the upset father can be seen in another video holding his daughter’s hand as he whipped her all over her body with a belt seemingly at home.

The footage drew many reactions online, one person asked, “So let me get this right. He sees a video of his daughter twerking on the internet. He re-records the video of His daughter twerking on the internet and post it back on the internet. Then records himself whooping his daughter because she made a video of herself twerking and put it on the internet. 🤔”

Check out the footage below:

Another jokingly stated, “Daughter looks like his mom… lol.”

See some more reactions below:

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