“We Need a Miracle Now for KAYLAN” Says Mother – Video

Thursday, May 20, 2021, 1:27 PM GMT-5

Veneshia Buckley has again gone live to update the public about her daughter Kaylan Dowdie, who is still in the ICU after being badly beaten at an event in St. Andrew last year. Buckley exclaimed “It’s a rough journey”. The mother reported feeling frustrated and often questions why this had to happen to her daughter. 

Buckley’s voice was notably low during the live chat as she was obviously emotional and drained. She was most notably emotional as she discussed her current mindset and provided updates about Kaylan’s situation. The mother reported that Kaylan experiences a lot of pain daily, and painkillers are no longer effective. Kaylan is also beginning to demand stranger medications, not yet administered to her. While Buckley tries to be strong for her daughter, her heart breaks daily for her beloved daughter. 

A woman of faith, Buckley has no doubt God will heal Kaylan.

Buckley titled her upload “We Need a Miracle Now for KAYLAN”. Check out the full video below.

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