What Cheating??? Kevin & Dreka Gates Already Addressed Spousely Smashing Other Women

Kevin Gates has been caught plenty of times messing with other women and he has never been shy about being a sexual person with women other than his wife.

Last week, footage of Kevin being intimate with an unknown woman went viral and thousands of women were in chaos on Dreka’s behalf. But, Kevin’s wife Dreka seems to be unaffected by the footage and has been continuing to promote her husband and their businesses without ever mentioning the footage.


A few years back, if you all remember, Kevin and Dreka frankly talked about bringing other women into their bedroom on Lip Service. Kevin even mentioned other women tasting how good Dreka is while in their little sessions.  

Kevin makes it pretty clear that his love for his wife is far beyond their sex life. “Our relationship isn’t based on sex,” Gates says. “That’s my best friend.” If Dreka messes with another woman without him, he is completely alright with it.

Dreka replied saying that “I don’t rock like that, I want to play too, You going off and doing your own thing – nah”, when she was asked if she is always present in the room.

The relationship seems to be a pretty complex one though.

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