WILDLIFE: Buffalo Fights Off Lions and Crocodile Until Rescue Came [Video]

Watch this thrilling standoff as a very brave Buffalo Fights Off Lions & Crocodiles To Survive Until His Herd Shows Up To Rescue Him.

In a classic example of survival of the fittest. Seemingly the Buffalo’s herd ran away leaving it behind. While on land the Buffalo was first chased by a lion then it went in the water to escape after which it was then attacked by a Crocodile. As a result of being attacked in the water, the Buffalo had to get back on the land where there were several Lions waiting patiently to strike.


The Buffalo got out the water then there was a standoff as the Crocodile was afraid to get out the water too while on the other hand, the Lions knew they will be at a disadvantage should they enter the water.

While on the Riverbanks the Buffalo stood his/her ground steering directly at the lions who seemed intimidated. The Buffalo started to attack the lions who then retreated but still tried to pounce on the counter. A minute or two past then the rescue team(herd) of Buffalos returned and the lions scampered to safety.


[Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/nNNZTzuEHqI”]

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