Witness In “One Don” Trial Exposes The Infamous Duppy Truck

Friday, October 1, 2021, 4:17 PM GMT-5

In taking the stand in the case of the “One Don” faction of the Klansman gang, the first witness revealed information relating to the organization’s activities of extortion as well as its criminal hierarchy, however, the person who gave the information even went a step further by mentioning an infamous vehicle called the “Duppy Truck”, owned by the group.

According to the witness, the ” Duppy Truck”, is a stolen Nissan AD wagon that the gang bought for $50,000 in Lauriston, which was used to carry gunmen to execute shootings and murders.


The witness told the court that the vehicle was a well-guarded secret that was placed in the care of a gang member, and kept out of sight In the community of Buck Town when it was not being used.

The person who testified went further to state that the vehicle was so guarded that they did not allow it to visit gas stations, instead, they would purchase bottles of gas and bring them to the “Duppy Truck” when required.

The witness who in his testimony said that he was a driver for the gang’s alleged leader Andre “Blackman” Bryan said that he was asked to pilot the vehicle at one Time after a failed hit on 3 men, by driving in front of the vehicle to ensure the Police did not confiscate it.

The person who made the testimony also went on to comment on a feud that took place for several months in Dallas Lane, stating that the alleged top tier female member of the gang, Stephanie Christie was responsible for the outburst of violence that ensued for a while in the area.

The witness stated that the feud stemmed from the “One Don” gang wanting to take over the multimillion-dollar extortion scheme that was being controlled by the other faction of the Klansman gang, which was run by the incarcerated Tesha Miller.

According to the witness, he would at times follow Christie or another alleged top tier member of the gang by the name of Richie, to Dallas Lane where they would see if there were persons that should “get gunshot”.

The witness told chief Justice Bryan Sykes that he was unaware of the victims if there were any but stated that they would have been known by Stephanie, Richie or Mackerel. He went on to state that the visits to Dallas Lane would take place on a daily or weekly basis.

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