Witness Number 2 In ONE DON TRIAL Says Someone Was Giving Info To Police BEFORE HIM

Wednesday, November 10, 2021, 12:02 PM GMT-5

The mass Klansman gang arrests that took place in 2018 and 2019, according to witness number 2 in the “One Don” gang trial, made them know that someone who knew them was carrying out an inside job.

While continuing his testimony against the 33 alleged members of the gang, and being questioned by Attorney at Law Denise Hinson who represents the accused Brian Morris otherwise referred to as “Rooster”, the witness explained that he was unaware of any reports given to the police by any other member of the gang before his statements were made.

According to the Jamaica Observer who originally brought the story, the witness told Chief Justice Bryan Sykes when the judge asked him about knowledge of statements made prior to his, he was unaware, however, when everyone in the organisation started to get locked up, that was when they knew that someone who knew them was giving information.

According to the witness on the day he was arrested, a joint military-police team went to his house, stating they had a warrant to search his home, after which they brought him to the Twickenham park police station and then to the Tamarind Farm Correctional centre.

Witness number 2 told Chief Justice Sykes that many members of the gang were detained on the same day as him even though some were released, however, it was when he saw his former cronies being freed and him remaining behind bars he figured that there was a case against him.

The witness went on to explain the reason he joined the gang to the judge, by letting him know that members of the gang would always hang out at his house and he could not do anything about it. He went on by highlighting to Chief Justice Sykes that his deceased friend Frazzle, who was a member of the organization, made him meet Bryan.

Witness number 2 then went on to tell the court how he made up his mind to finally leave the gang when he overheard members of the organization creating a plot to kill a prominent member of the counter-terrorism and organized crime investigations branch who he explained they said was doing the majority of the arrests.

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