Woman 3 Daughters on Live Fuels Debate About What is Discipline or Abuse

A video of a woman beating her daughters with a belt after finding them rapping explicit lyrics has fueled a debate on what is considered abuse versus discipline. It is not clear when the incident took place, but in the video circulating online, three girls, seemingly teens, were each rapping in front of a camera. 

As each of the girls takes their turn, one of them can be heard rapping what appears to be lewd lyrics. The trio quickly stopped rapping after a knock at the door, and a woman entered the room and immediately began beating them with a belt.


Due to the woman’s aggression towards the girls, the question was posed in the post resharing the video about whether she had done the right thing. Check out the now-viral video below:

Some of the video’s viewers expressed that it was simply discipline, while others argued that the girls had done nothing to warrant the woman’s actions.

“My only question is what are they doing wrong? Cause they just seem like they’re having a good time?? They aren’t doing anything morally wrong or hurting anyone/anything? I don’t see a reason for their mother to hit them,” one viewer wrote.

While another expressed, “This is how kids learned respect back in the day, from a belt  That’s why kids these days are so disrespectful, because no one does this anymore.”

58.8% of the people who voted in a pole featured in the post said it was discipline, while 30.2% called it abuse. 11% said they were not sure.

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