Woman Caught On Camera Eating Animal Faeces – Watch Video

Wednesday, November 29, 2023, 8:43 AM

A shocking and stomach-turning video shows a woman who works at an animal shelter seemingly consuming animal faeces. It is unclear where the incident occurred and the identity of the woman involved in the bizarre act.

It is shown in the video that the woman has a cat in her hand, and she then proceeds to take a piece of faeces out of the cat’s cage before consuming it. The woman was unsatisfied as she took another piece of faeces and repeated the action.


What makes the footage more disturbing is that the woman enjoyed the faeces so much that she began rocking and grooving. After she seemingly had a belly full, the woman looked around and walked away with the cat in her hands.

Based on the short video and sounds in the background, the shelter is home to cats and dogs.

See the video below:

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