Woman Complains About Consistently High Bills From JPS

Sunday, March 6, 2022, 8:27 PM

JPS customers continue to wrath about exceedingly high bills, and the most recent person to do so is a woman this Sunday who wrote to the “Tell Claudine” tabloid in the Jamaica Observer venting over ridiculous increases in the monthly amount she pays.

The woman who says she resides in Mandeville in a household with just her husband said that they both went abroad for a month between October and November in 2021. Upon their time overseas they noticed that the bill they got was an amount of $41,403.17.


The woman goes on to say the bill was paid with the intention that they would investigate the issue upon their return to the country however, after returning in December of 2021, the complainant to “Tell Claudine” said the bill they received was $63,712.55 which left them stunned since they only had left their Security Camera system and Refrigerator on while everything else was unplugged.

According to the woman, upon closer examination of their bills over the years it was realised that their household had an average monthly usage of 400 Kwh monthly, which for the last few months of usage she says has been doubling.

As a part of their household, the woman says she had a washer that she uses once per week and a dryer that is only utilized on rainy or bleak days as they prefer to have their clothes sundry.

Another item the woman claims that her household uses is a Television that she and her husband watch after work, which ends for them at 6, so up until 11 pm they would be tuning in. The woman did also mention that they hardly use an iron and their outside lights are solar-powered.

The complainant claims that after unsuccessful visits to the JPS office in Mandeville they were finally advised to contact a technician, who visited them and made checks for an electricity leak in the meter. It was later discovered by the electrician that the said meter had started to burn out which he labelled as a high consumption factor.


The Complainant further goes on to state to “Tell Claudine” that she visited the office once more to get a refund for the damaged meter however, she was not able to since they could not have access to the number associated with it.

As a solution, the woman claims she had to speak with an agent over the phone to get further help by way of investigating the situation. Even after that moment, the woman has claimed that the high bills continued, even though JPS has not addressed her about the matter.

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