Woman Dies After Shark Bites Off Her Leg While Rescuing Her Daughter in Mexico

Tuesday, December 5, 2023, 7:42 PM GMT-5

A shark bit off the leg of a woman after she saved her 5-year-old daughter from the predator while they were swimming.

Reports state that 26-year-old Maria Fernandez Martinez Jimenez and her daughter were swimming in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico when the incident happened. Shark attacks are said to be relatively rare in the country, and beachgoers in the town of Melaque were not aware that there was a shark in the water until it was too late.


When Jimenez, a former marine biology student, became aware of the threat, she hurriedly boosted her daughter onto a platform that was floating in the sea 75 feet from the shore. After she got her daughter to safety, the shark attacked the young mother, biting off her leg near the hip.

Woman Dies After Shark Bites Off Her Leg While Rescuing Her Daughter in Mexico

Civil Protection officials carrying out support activities at a swimming race nearby received reports that someone was having problems getting out of the sea.

Despite bystanders rushing to Jimenez’s rescue and bringing her to shore, she died from blood loss. Following the fatal incident on Saturday, the beaches in Melaque and a nearby town were closed to swimmers by the authorities.

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