Woman Fights Off Attacker At The Gym – Watch Video

Thursday, February 16, 2023, 9:51 PM

In what can only be labelled as a proud moment for the female community, a young lady is seen fending off a brutal attack from a man at her apartment complex’s gym. After the violent scene was uncovered, the woman was interviewed, and she took the opportunity to encourage and inspire other victims.

The young woman, who has since been identified as Nashali Alma, was at the gym trying to complete a late-night workout. In the recent news video, she gave an account of her experience on the 22nd of January with her attacker. Alma stated that she saw the assailant outside looking into the gym; he gave the impression that he wanted to workout, so she let him in, but things went south after he decided he had other plans.


She explained that she got up from finishing her set and as soon as she took up her phone, he approached her viciously. She also added that she shoved him in an attempt to get the man away from her and asked what he was doing.

The security camera captures the man squabbling with Alma before she flees, clutching her phone. She saw that the man would not give up his pursuit, so she ran to the other side of the gym while dialling the police, but the man kept on trying to hold on to her.

She explained that she was not afraid of the man because she is indeed a bodybuilder and she thought of herself as being strong. The video then shows them wrestling on the ground as she tries to get away from the man; she then manages to get away from him as he gets tired, and she gets out of the building.

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Alma stated to the viewers in the interview to “never give up” and explained that this was something her parents taught her. “I was assaulted, but that is not going to stop me from living…” These were just a few of her inspirational words after she survived a brutal encounter.

The assailant was arrested the next day, identified as Thomas Jones, and charged with multiple offences.

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