Woman Get’s Involved in Brawl with Students

Wednesday, May 2, 2018, 3:44 PM GMT-5

[Sharingbuttons]On Monday a student from the Bridgeport High School was badly beaten by female students and a woman, outside the school and had to be treated by Doctors. Mr. Smith The father of the 15year old girl, said the fight happened because of a comment his daughter made on social media.

They were planning a beach trip to go to St. Thomas and the Mr. Smith’s daughter commented on the post that was shared by another girl. She said, “The only somebody else pon the beach trip poster look good a Hennessy.” Sources revealed that this is what caused the fight and the woman sat on the 15 year old, after she fell. She didn’t even try to take her out of the middle of the street. 

The incident was video taped and they were sharing it on social media. It seems as though people are doing these things to get likes on social media. They are not thinking about the reputation of their school and the damage they are causing. It is so sad that social media and smart phones are causing all these problems.

Whats App Messages

Indecent Whats app messages were sent to the student that was injured, before the fight. They were sent by the female who is the sister-in-law of the other student who was also in the fight. 

The girls are not even in the same grade and they are on different shifts. It is clear that the sstudent who wanted to fight, waited for the 15year old to finish her class to begin the confrontation. 
Mr. Smith is planning to press charges against the woman, it is clear that his daughter is badly injured, as two days after the fight her back is hurting still. Adults should not get involved in fights with teenagers, and it is clear that they planned the fight/
All the students involved in the fight were suspended for 10 days by the school Principal.

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