Woman Goes Crazy Attacking Every Coloured Person She Sees – Watch Video

A video of a woman hitting black people in the streets and screaming “nigger” is blowing up on the internet.

An unidentified woman, who seems to be very intoxicated, was captured hitting multiple people of colour while they walked passed her on the street. The woman was dressed for a night of partying in a little black dress and heels, however, the partying appeared to have ended with her not being in the right state of mind.

She screamed, “Nigger, f**k you nigger. Stupid nigger bit*h, are you f**king dumb…” while walking up to a black woman in a pink dress. The two engaged in a short physical confrontation where the white woman was hit in the face.

Afterward, she went around hitting multiple black individuals who were trying to go about their night, all the while shouting the word nigger. She threw her phone at one point and was then confused, asking where it went.

A few people on Twitter, where the video was posted, suggested that if she was not extremely drunk then she was on drugs.

Watch the video below:

Read some of the Twitter comments below:

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