Woman Mauled by Her Own Pet Pitbull – Watch Video

October 23, 2023

A woman was horridly attacked by her pet pitbull, which dragged her into an elevator and left a bloody scene. The disturbing incident of the woman being mauled by the vicious dog was captured on the security camera inside the elevator.

The graphic footage began with the woman making small attempts to escape by pushing herself along the floor into the elevator.


However, the relentless animal kept sinking its teeth into one of the woman’s arms, keeping her pinned to the ground on her back.

Eventually, the woman mustered up the strength to rise and hit the elevator buttons to reopen the doors. The savage hound subsequently left one arm and went to the other.

When the elevator doors opened, she was seen sliding out of the elevator while the dog continued to attack her.

Watch the video: CLICK HERE:

Since the video was shared online, it has been attracting comments from viewers who believe that the footage serves as a prime example of why a woman should not have a pet that she cannot control.

One person wrote, “Women should not own pits they treat them like babies and the pit thinks its the Alph.” Another internet user, G0DY0, unsympathetically wrote, “She deserved it for having the type of dog she cant handle…”


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