Woman Mistakes Nail Glue for Eye Drops and Glues One Eye Shut – Watch Video

A woman found herself in an extremely sticky predicament when she mistook her nail glue for eye drops and glued one eye shut. With one eye sealed and the other watery, Jennifer Eversole shared the distressing moment of sitting in the ER room on TikTok.

Jennifer initially said she accidentally reached for a superglue bottle that was sitting next to her eye drops. In her exact words, “My eyedrops sit directly next to superglue, and they’re the same size bottle, and I wasn’t paying attention, and now my eye is glued shut.”

The mother of six was seemingly pressing a makeshift ice bag to her eye and removed it to show the camera the state her eye was in. She subsequently called herself an “idiot” for not checking the bottle, which she later clarified was nail glue she had used the night before.

“It was actually nail glue, and I’d done my daughter’s nails the night previously and forgot to put em away,” she said during an interview with Inside Edition.

Recalling her time at the hospital, she said that the doctors had to plaster an ointment on her eye in order for the “corners to disintegrate.” The doctors then added numbing eye drops and proceeded to “cut” the lashes and the eyelid open. This was reported to be a definite first for the doctors.

As for Jennifer, the sticky mistake was going to be the first and the last because she had tossed out all the nail glue. “I threw away all the nail glue bottles,” she said while smiling.

Watch the video of Jennifer Eversole below:

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