Woman Pays For Her Groceries With Her Palm – Watch Video

A customer at one of the Whole Foods stores was shocked when she paid for her groceries with her palm for the very first time. The customer recorded the moment, showing her astonishment at how quick and easy the Amazon One was to use.

Amazon One revolutionizes the shopping experience with innovative biometric technology. By linking your palm to a stored credit card, you can effortlessly enter stores and make purchases by waving your hand over the scanning device.

The female customer demonstrated that it was as simple as it sounded when she stood at the cashier, ready to test the device.

“I’m at Whole Foods. I’m about to pay for my groceries with my hand,” she said while smiling before stepping up to the machine. She hovered her hand over it and gaped as the payment was processed.

“That’s the coolest thing ever,” she added at the end.

Watch the video of the customer below:


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