Woman Pulls Gun and Shoots Male Attacker – Watch Video

A viral video of a Brazilian woman protecting herself from her would-be predator is circulating online after she protects herself using a handgun.

Footage of the incident was seemingly captured by a nearby security camera and shows the woman walking alone along a dimly lit, lonely street.

As the woman comes into view of the camera, a man is seen lying in wait in the driver’s seat of his dark car and he quickly opens the door and gets out when he sees her. It is unknown if he was waiting for this woman specifically or just hoping that a random woman would pass by.

When the woman goes to pass him, he steps out in front of her and advances. Taking note that she was in danger, the woman backs off and starts reaching for something. The female backpedals a few feet until the man throws himself at her, she then finally pulls her weapon free and shoots him once in the stomach.

Watch the full video below:


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