World Dawg Threatens to “Kill” Slick Whiteline in Leaked Voice Note – Listen Audio

In an ongoing feud now drastically heating up between comedians Slick Whiteline and World Dawg. A few voice notes have since surfaced online revealing the deadly threats made by World Dawg towards his fellow comedian colleague Slick Whiteline.

In one of the voice notes leaked by Slick Whiteline, World Dawg, can be heard declaring that anytime Slick Whiteline and his friends revisit Fort Lauderdale, he will be doing everything in his power to get men to kill them.


“Mek anyweh me see yuh right now or know which part you deh right now me wuda just mek so man shoot yuh inna yuh face, some a uno boy a foreign alone uno can gwaan so enuh, you caa ask yuh friend Antwayne yuh hear, not even Antwayne nuh have chat inna him place like me right now tell him mek him hear this,” World Dawg declared.

The social media personality continued his threats by stating, “Me nuh waa hear nutting from no man from today cause a war me and uno a war and me nah go pon the internet wid it real war too, blade everybody an me war from today every one a uno and anytime me hear seh back uno deh in a Fort Lauderdale me a try everything fi bloodclaat man kill uno, everything pon me dead mada life me a try fi mek man kill uno.”

Slick Whiteline responded via voice note by dismissing the threats issued out by World Dawg, “Wah happen to you country boy, wah happen to yuh? You caa bring bloodclaat knife come a gunfight you a badman? Go suck out yuh mada pussy, yuh nuh bad.”


The voice notes posted by Slick Whiteline on Instagram had the caption, “You is a country boy from trelawny Weh use to pop cane and thief don’t bring badness to mi if you nuh plan fi go at it #worldfish.”


Listen to the voice notes below:



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