World Dawg Breaks Down Crying in Frustration at People who Take his “Kindness fi Weakness” – Watch Video

In a video shared on social media, comedian and social-media personality World Dawg (born Akeem Dumbar) poured his heart out, expressing his frustration with people who have taken advantage of his kindness.

In the emotional video, his voice trembled as he revealed that he had been holding in these feelings for months. World Dawg didn’t mince words, stating that some individuals had come into his life solely to exploit his generosity, and he had reached a breaking point.


He sternly warned those who wronged him, saying to “count their days.” The comedian wept as he wished he could confront them in person.

Despite sharing his platform with numerous social media personalities and engaging in acts of kindness, the comedian felt he had not received fair treatment. He communicated his frustration about how some had painted him as a negative figure despite his efforts to help others.

See the video below:


The video, posted on TikTok by @kumdungnow, sparked several different reactions among viewers.

Some viewers found humour in the situation, while many others called him out, one person stating “dem boy yah weak.”

See some of the comments below:

World Dawg

On the other hand, some empathised with his emotional outburst, recognising that everyone has their breaking point and the need to vent their frustrations.

See some of the comments:


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